Elmscroft Terminus – O

Gauge: O – 7mm
Scale: 1:45
Period: LMS 50s’ to BR era
Type: Fiddle yard to Branch Terminus / End to End
Viewing Dimensions: 28′ x 3′ / 56′ x 3′
Working area: 30′ x 6′ (Minimum) / 58′ x 6′ (Maximum)
Managed by: Stewart (Chairman) assisted by Giles
Completed by: Estimated phase 1 (2026) will be wired by mid 2024 – ready for scenic additions and infrastructure. Phase 2 (2028/29)

The Layout is divided into two phases. The right hand side is the first phase currently under construction. This, once the trackwork and wiring are complete, will then be split into the scenic group and another group starting the next phase to make it a 56′ long layout. It can be operated with just phase 1 only at 28′ or both together for a 56′ layout.

This is an imaginary LMS Terminus/Through layout. The two lines near the front of the layout are the original terminus platforms and goods shed supplying the canal side docks and warehouses. This was upgraded to a larger terminus with the addition of the rear two lines and the bay platform in the 50’s/60’s, this is the basis of the first phase. There are semaphore signals on what we envisage as the original track plan, colour light signals will operate the two ‘main’ platform lines, to show both systems working on one layout.

The second phase then extends the line and platforms to accommodate longer trains, and adds a locomotive depot/yard too for and end to end layout once complete.

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