Gweiadur Junction – progress report

Its been 8 weeks since we last posted an update, for which my apologies, so this post will cover progress from half-term to the Easter break. Since half-term, the Junior Section have made significant progress on their exhibition layout, the layout has been transferred from the software to the baseboard where it has been marked out. The lads have cut the cork to fit curves, straights and points and glued the vast majority of it down.

Not all the cork was glued down because they needed to leave room for the outer loop to be elevated, which was done over the Easter break. So instead, whilst waiting for that activity to be completed, they progressed with installing 11 of the 14 point motors and completing wiring of the points, ready for installation, thanks to Mike Butcher for his help in templating the necessary holes!


Giles has kindly provided the necessary lengths of wire for the droppers, so the plan over the next few weeks is to lay the remaining points, lay the track, complete the wiring and build the control panel and rudimentary fiddle yard, ready for Hucclecote in June. As is ever the case, much of the work will be hidden from view as it will occur under the layout. But where possible pictures will be included demonstrating what the Section has been up to.  A schedule has also been drawn up for the rest of the year which should see the lads at at least three shows and moving onto the additional fiddle yard/viaduct and quayside modules next year.

Budget wise, despite the many donations, the cost of the layout has hit £800, largely due to the cost of Points and point motors but the bulk of the cost has been spent now so the remaining funding will be used to fill the gaps in buildings, scenery etc.


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